This is a Test version of Inanis Invictus on Berlin. All data and information is used for testing purposes only and may not reflect the actual products or services.

Test Corvette

Test Faction / TEST
15 CP / /

Test Description. LIVE ships will have unique art, descriptions, attributes, abilities and weapons!

Average Armor Rating
Weapons Module Slots Sections
1 0 1
Special Action Attributes

Sections & Weapons

Section Facings Armor Rating
1 FL, FC, FR, RR, RC, RL

Section 1 Weapons

Weapon Class Mounting Facings Range Rating Tracking Rating Damage Rating Other Attributes Special Properties
Test Weapon (Light Ballistic Cannon) Direct Swivel FC

Marketplace Listings

No marketplace listings

Recent Token Sale History

From To Token Price Date

Token Rarity & Availability

Number Existing 1
Number Available Unlimited
Rarity Within Collection 3.7500% chance to draw in asset packs containing only collection "TEST".
Rarity Within Universe 3.7500% chance to draw in asset packs containing all collections.


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