This is a Test version of Inanis Invictus on Berlin. All data and information is used for testing purposes only and may not reflect the actual products or services.

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Recent News and Updates

Inanis Invictus Has Launched!

Inanis Invictus has offically launched! Now the real work begins.

But first we want to thank all of our early supporters and the ICON community at large which have made this launch possible through our funding on the ICON Contribution Proposal System. This launch marks a major milestone in the project in represents many, many hours of work and effort, but our work has really just begun. We have already started our phase 2 development which will see many new features and utilities for both players and collectors alike. Additionally, the purpose this phase 1 launch and everything that follows is to help us achieve our final goal of delivering in engaging, fun and profitable gaming universe complete with a fully featured, player vs player, online gaming client based off of our custom tabletop gaming ruleset. We're very excited for the future of Inanis Invictus and can't wait to get more features and content out to our supporters!

Inanis Invictus Launching August 19th, 2022!

Inanis Invictus will be officially launching on August 19th, 2022 at 1600 UTC. This launch represents the completion of the phase 1 development objectives outlined in our roadmap! The launch will include the first collection of #NFT ship assets available for purchase through asset pack purchases, the finalized webste, the beta tabletop gameplay rulest and the void token. There is much work ahead as we move into phase 2 development and work on bringing new features, collections and content out!