This is a Test version of Inanis Invictus on Berlin. All data and information is used for testing purposes only and may not reflect the actual products or services.

Inanis Invictus

A tabletop & collectible gaming experience empowered by NFT and blockchain technology

Born out of a passion for games and blockchain, Inanis Invictus seeks to marry traditional tabletop and collectible gaming experiences with digital and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technologies, on the ICON blockchain network, to create a unique and engaging gaming experience for the crypto and digital age.

Digital Collectibles Empowered by NFT Technology

Through Non-Funigble Token technologies we can provide players and collectors with a form of digitally verifiable ownership and scarcity of the game assets purchased for Inanis Invictus. Through ownership, players and collectors are afforded numerous benefits, in addition to the collectibility and playability of each piece.

Beyond Artwork

Our digital collectibles are more than just cool art, they are playable game pieces each with numerous attributes and properties that define their strengths and unique abilities within the Inanis Invictus games.

Infinite Collections

New collections that introduce unique factions, ships, art and lore will be added regularly to expand the Inanis Invictus universe and bolster your collections and capabilities.

Rarity & Scarcity

Generated using weighted drop tables, ship collectibles span a range of rarities and availability from "Common", with unlimited availability, to "Distinguished" which are singularly unique but super rare.

Buy, Sell & Trade

Each and every ship collectible can be sold or listed for sale on the Inanis Invictus Marketplace by other owners giving our gaming assets a tangible value. Some ships are limited in availability or more desireable because of rarity, abilities or utility increasing their potential value.

Engaging Tactical, Turn Based, Tabletop Gameplay

Inanis Invictus is built around a custom designed tabletop gameplay ruleset that can be played as easily on the kitchen table as it can in an upcoming digital game client using our collectible ship NFTs or upcoming 3D printable models and ship sheets.

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Ever Growing Value & Utility

The Inanis Invictus gaming platform is being built to drive value and experience for our players and collectors alike. For more information on planned features and updates, check out our project roadmap for more info!

VOID Token

In addition to our NFT collections players and collectors can benefit from the VOID token, a utility cryptocurrency token built on the ICON blockchain for use with Inanis Invictus. Players will be able to earn VOID and use it in various ways to enhance or expand their Inanis Invictus expereinces. For more information check out our VOID Token page!

Generate Yield & Value

In addition to their innate collectibility and desireability our digital collectibles will offer owners an opportunity to generate additional value through several planned features, such as a gamified NFT staking mechanic that will let players earn VOID, or an NFT licensing feature where owners can license the use of their ships assets (ship sheet, gameplay token, 3-D models, etc) for a nominal fee they collect, to other players.

Reviving Tabletop Gaming With Tabletop++

The tabletop gaming experience has, in large part, not kept up with the times. We're here to change that with our Tabletop++ initiative by building useful and interactive tools and features that expand the tabletop genre and bridge communities, making the experience more approachable and enjoyable for everyone. Some of our planned features include interactable ship sheets and gameplay trackers, 3D printable models for your digital collections and a store where players can buy Inanis Invictus gaming accessories such as dice, combat maps and more!

Fully Featured Digital Game Client

We're building a fully featured digital and mobile game based on the Inanis Invictus tabletop gameplay rules allowing players to use their ships in online player vs player game matches.

Powered by Blockchain

Built on and backed by ICON's powerful, fast and flexible blockchain ledger technology.

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